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Our mission:

We have been established in the food service industry for over 15 years, as restaurant owners and management for a major pizza corporation. Being ambitious, proactive and driven, we have analysed every option in our aspiration to be the best on the market. One of the biggest issues we encountered was the quality of some of the equipment, as well as services and customer care of the suppliers. It simply wasn’t to the standards we would expect and like them to be. We decided to change it, for us and for everyone who experienced similar problems, or simply would like a bit more, a bit better and a bit cheaper.


We have researched and tested various equipment and suppliers until we discovered the ultimate answer to our problems. We found the best quality products in a modern, reliable and experienced manufacturer based in Poland, and decided to partner with them to create SHS Equipment. We produce, distribute and maintain the highest quality catering equipment that fits all sizes and budgets. Our professional and caring approach has proven to be successful and, in a very short period of time, we gained clients from major food corporations in the UK and Europe.


We specialise in:


  • Pizza makelines

  • Heat racks

  • Widely-used catering stainless steel products

Our passionate and caring team consist of specialists in the catering industry, customer care, leadership and engineering, and are available to you at any time with expert advice.

Contact us:

Our office and showroom are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, but our services are 24/7 to fit your needs.

The Team