SHS Care Cover offers a quick and low-cost way to keep your equipment in good condition and to protect it in the event of a breakdown, which can be time-consuming and expensive to deal with.

Cover with us means your equipment is regularly checked and well looked after plus during an equipment breakdown, you are not alone. With one call you are connected to a sympathetic and friendly support team, who go to work on your behalf arranging a

speedy repair, putting you back in control as soon as possible without a fuss, meaning you can get back to doing the things that

are important.

Choose our SHS Care Cover today and enjoy all the benefits knowing you are protected from an unwanted equipment breakdown.

IMPORTANT: No fees, penalties, hidden charges, cancel anytime with 14 days notice.


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SHS Care Cover – Terms & Conditions.

SHS Care Cover is applicable to SHS Equipment Ltd products only, this includes one planned maintenance visits a year, friendly

advice over the phone seven days a week and all breakdown visits included in your limited warranty.





IMPORTANT: Any outstanding costs connected to this cover, such as unpaid fees from chargeable repairs, will lead to a suspense

in the cover until the amount due has been paid.


IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to terminate the contract in the case when equipment is neglected and not looked after properly.

We can refuse to extend service to the following year


Service Visits


Equipment protected under the SHS Care Cover will be inspected once a year. You will be notified on dates and times of the

services in advance.

We will send you a reminder prior to the visit. Minimum notification period might be as short as 12 hours prior to the visit. In this

case visits will be carried out only when you have agreed to it.


You may ask for a visit when you think equipment might need early attention (but has not broken down yet). This will be treated as

one of the annual visits and will be carried out without extra costs.

SHS Care Cover keeps the rights to treat emergency breakdown visit as one of the annual service visits as long as the Service

Engineer carries out all required Standard Service Procedures along with other necessary repairs.



5. Check electrical amperage vales for major components

6. Check system pressures and refrigerant levels

7. Check door seals and replace if required

(a charge will be applied for new door seals)

Service Visits


Standard Service Procedures:

1. Check operating temperature

2. Calibrate temperature display

3. Clean condenser frame filter

4. Clean all outflows and gutters.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to complete site visits due to inaccessibility will result in abortive visit charges at £150.