Available panels dimensions enable building a cold room with any length and width. Height is determined by the panels length (210 cm, 230 cm, 260 cm). Cold and freezer rooms are built with panels filled with polyurethane foam. There are panels of different thickness used for building the cold rooms, depending on the purpose. Panels are available in two thickness versions : 80 mm and 100 mm. It is possible to use partition walls inside, that enables making separate spaces.


The customer has got an opportunity of choosing panels finish, of which the cold room is consisted of. One of the option is coated surface in RAL 9010 colour or stainless steel finish. There is also a possibility to choose the cold rooms interior and exterior finish different from each other. The same choice regards cold rooms doors. In the cold / freezer rooms with own floor, there are two riffled floor types possible – aluminum or stainless steel. All interiors are finished with PVC white profiles.


The cold or freezer room can be equipped with hinged or sliding door. In the option of hinged door, the construction of door and door frame enables the modification of door opening direction on site. Door frames of freezer rooms are equipped with heaters to prevent freezing. The lock used in the door allows it’s opening from the interior. If sliding door is going to be installed, the minimum height of cold or frezer room is 2300mm. The door is equipped with bumper, lock with a key and castors safety cover.

Extra options :

  • ‘man in the cold room’ alarm
  • alarm on the cell phone
  • temperature monitoring system
  • strip curtain
  • ramp
  • shelving

Cold Room Hinged Door